A week full of mondays

Monday is the most depressing day of the week, in my opinion.

My entire week is hell of great and worst rides. Great rides on some things. The rest are the worst.

Weirdly saying, Tuesday’s my first day of the week. It is the day where I usually talk and talk. Seemingly, a full powered battery and a bunch of energy drinks are an exact metaphor of my tuesday mood. People usually stare at me and think of what’s wrong. Apparently, they are not used to see me talking. Well this is the simple logic: I do what I think I must not and I must because I do.  In this day, I make weird things happen. Like yelling at random people, cursing trashcans, talking to myself in public, laughing and crying at the same time.   Sometimes I just find myself slapping my face, hard. I know it’s wrong but it is so much satisfying. Tuesday is the day where everybody seems to trigger the weird me.
Wednesday, this day reveals my nerdy personality. Early in the morning, I go to school very excitedly. Given that I am always late at school, this day continues to give my classmates a big question mark on what’s my energizing breakfast. I can’t help myself but to read and read everything. Books, notes, memos, signposts, letters, streetsigns, advertisements, flyers, newspapers, you name it. And I even love to read everything that is unreadable, like instructions for use on soaps and shampoos. This day is not complete wearing my favorite green t-shirt, jeans, and my four-year old rugged shoes. Wednesday also requires me to wear my invisible eyeglasses for genius-look purposes making everyone threatened especially the nerdy ones. This is the most productive day of my week, so far so good. Aha! When in wednesday.
Thursday, let me spell this day out. T-H-I-R-S-T-D-A-Y, thirstday. It’s the day of my very own hunger celebration. I can say that thursday helps me think that poverty and hunger is a serious problem of the world and that climate change and global warming is directly proportional to stress and burnout. In this very day, I am easily distracted by many little things. Everything is uncontrolled. First thing in the morning, I would stare at the mirror to see myself irritated by what creature I just look at. Next is my stingy shoes and the fact that I have no footsocks to wear. This day is also the day where I feel like a hundred degree celcius heat index is currently swirling inside my head. Thursday makes my hungry personality come out. I want to eat everything I crave for, well of course my fingernails are on the list. Eating what I want satisfies my innerman. Luckily, at the end of the day, my mood is just one step closer to my normal self.
Friday, some would say this is the happiest day of the week. T-G-I-F! But I wouldn’t agree with that. Friday is my average day of the week. Everything is normal on its twenty-four hour span of time. In the morning, I take a shower, dress then I’m all set. Normal. Going to school ‘normally’, listening to boring lectures all day. Going home. Normal. Getting a healthy eight to ten hours of sleep. Not normal. And then, zzzZZ.
When I woke up, it’s 11:00 A.M of a Saturday morning. Panic starts giving me a rush to do every household chores. Like ahm ahm and ahm, okay. Please just stop lying. The truth is that the panic gives me a rush to… check my phone’s messages, emails, facebook notifications, and all the social media platforms I’ve joined in. This day will I call the ‘Social Media Day’, where I can be a half-eyed awake scrolling my newsfeeds. ‘Being updated is never a final frontier’ would be my life principle in Saturdays. From the name of the day itself, it’s SAT DAY where I sat all day holding my cellular phone. This is also my vain day. Where I adore myself verily at the mirror. Oh my goodness, is this why a friend called me a narcissistic psycho? But anyways, this day is my very own ‘face appreciation day’, where everbody thinks I am inlove… with myself.
Sunday, my most favorite day of the week. The day where I can be the real me. The regular church attender. I love attending the church, not to see people but to hear God’s word. Hearing a lot of preaching makes my spiritual life healthy. God inspires me to write poems, compositions, articles, and my very own Grace Revolt, Recalled Article on my wordpress account. (visit via http://www.wernerjunio.wordpress.com)

Monday is the most depressing day of the week, in my opinion.

It is a day of my life reflection. My heart organizes a social gathering with my brain and the other parts of my system called the ‘pity party’. My heart gives me a lot of ridiculous reasons to be sad. This day is my charging day, where I need to be plugged to a socket. I need to regain my energy.

I need to talk to myse… someone.

Need to talk to someone.

Yes, I need someone.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Those are my different emotions. A different versions of myself. Traits that define me, emotionally. Days of my personalities. 

Tuesday, choosing to laugh despite of pain.

Wednesday, when I strive hard.

Thursday, thirst for attention of other people.

Friday,  tired of trying.

Saturday, seeking for rest.

Sunday, a little sunshine of hope.

Don’t you get it? I needed someone. I needed you. And I can’t wait to see a new week where all day’s a monday. But here I am, tired of chasing another week without you. I know, this pain would only last for a second so I am leaving now, for good. I wish this rope in my head would mean a lifetime of happiness.

I wish that there will be a week full of mondays.


Grace Revolt, Recalled

Experience the Power to Live Above Defeat

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  2. Build a Foundation for Lasting Breakthroughs
  3. Value the Person of Jesus
  4. Speak the Language of Faith
  5. Receive His Abundant Restoration

These are the 5 practical and powerful keys that Pastor Prince wants us to understand and internalize.

  • Note: The content of this article is based on Joseph Prince’s book, Grace Revolution. The blogger gives all the credit to the original author. The blogger will give his insights after each chapter, on his journey on Prince’s book and especially the bloggers journey with God.

The chapters will be posted and will be written separately. Catch up each Chapter on Poetry Revolt, http://www.wernerjunio.wordpress.com

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Meron akong kwento

​Meron akong kwento.

Kwentong totoo.

Di katulad ng isang tsismis sa kanto na malayong patotoo.

Di tungkol sa kung anong enkwentro ng kung sino mang tao, o ng mga kung sinong nagpapakatao

Na akala mo kung sino kung magbigay komento, eh wala namang alam sa current issue.

Tao nga ba o pilit lang itinatago ang pagiging aso?

Tahol lang ng tahol sa kung anu-anong argumento, oh eto ang buto para tumigil na yang bunganga mong radyo.

Na imbis na balitang totoo ang ipahayag mo, eh kwento ng kapitbahay niyong naengkanto.

Di naman sa subok na pagsuntok sa mukha eh pagpitik lang naman sa utak mong mas mas magara pa sa papel de liha.

Na imbis na hasain ang utak, eh pilit pinapakinis ang mga bagay na di naman magara.

Di naman sa pagsabing mali ang iyong sinasabi,

Na sinabi mo ang mga sabi-sabi sa mga nangyayari sa mga taong memasabi, sa bagong milenyong imbis na nakakaintindi na imbis na maginitindihan eh mas gusto yata ang di pagkakaintindihan na karaniwang nauuwi sa pagkakainitan.
Ano daw? 

Basta ang gusto kong sabihin eh di talaga kita maintindihan.

Ano nga ba ang uso? Sino nga ba ang sikat? Sino nga ba ang numero uno sa mga search engine ng iba’t ibang sites?

Ano nga ba ang trending? Anong parte ng istorya ba ang aking didinggin? Ang pagkapanalo ba ni sinio na ang iskor ng mga hurado ay payb zero o ang pambabastos niya kuno kay anne mateo?

Ano nga ba ang panuoring mas maganda, probinsiyano o encantadia?

Di pa ba nauubusan ng mga istorya ang ‘maalaala mo kaya?’ Mga reaksyon mo sa peysbuk naalaala ko pa. Gumagamit ka pa ng pausong salita ng henerasyong nagpapababa sa istandard ng ating sariling wika. Oh teka, kailan pa naging reliable source ang wikipedia?
Oh mas magandang makimainstream sa mga bitter sa february fourteen?

Walang ka-date sa valentines day kaya naman ginawang halloween.

Hugot ng hugot with matching puso puso eh wala namang boyprin.

Paalala lang friend, isarado ang bunganga wag nganga ng nganga dahil pagiging aanga anga ang bunga ng walang kwentang pananalita.

Mamamatay Tula

Hindi ako marunong magsulat ng tula
‘Ni hindi ko alam kung ano nga ba ang letra

Hindi pamilyar sa kung ano ang tono at tugma

Nagsusulat lamang para may magawa
Hindi ako marunong magsulat ng tula

‘Ni hindi ako makabuo ng isang magandang piyesa

Gamit ang tintang tila lumuluha

Hawak ang papel na nagmamakaawa
Hindi ako marunong magsulat ng tula

Ibinababa lamang ang antas ng literatura

Hindi alintana ang maling sukat ng litanya

Pinapaniwala ang sarili sa taludturang malaya
Malaya, sa tingin ko ako ay malaya

May kalayaang patayin ang pamantayan ng tula

Baliktarin at pagisahin ang iba’t ibang mga letra

Malayang sambitin ang teksto ng walang tugma
Hindi ako marunong magsulat ng tula

Tulad ng pasaherong walang barya sa umaga

Gaya ng pagmamaneho ng walang lisensiya

Sa matinding labanan ang sandata ko’y mahina
Mahina, sa tingin ko ako ay mahina

May kahinaan sa pagsusulat ng mga may kwenta

Tinitignan ang sariling akdang likha ng isang tanga

‘Di makagawa ng kwentong tiyak na bibenta
Hindi ako marunong magsulat ng tula

Mangmang sa paggamit ng sariling wika

Magbasa man ng mga librong maraming pahina

Hindi na mapapagana ang bateryang naubos na
Ubos na, Oo ito’y ubos na

Tuluyan ng nasayang ang mga luha ng tinta

Mga tintang kumawala mula sa pluma

Na sa simula’t simula’y pilit na nagmamakaawa
Nagmakaawa, tintang nagmamakaawa

Na tulungan siyang makawala mula sa kadena

Sumasamong makalayo mula sa tanikala

Sa kamay ng isang mamamatay tula.

Welcome, human.

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